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Our composers are committed to creating quality sheet music and engaging materials for every phase of a pianist’s development: from beginning student etudes to advanced stage and concert performance works!

We strive to have new music available weekly and free music every Friday!

Our digital sheet music is convenient: no long waits or shipping costs. Our cover designs use less ink and toner than our major competitors who also use descriptive cover images.

Studio licenses give teachers permission to make copies for new students or to replace lost or damaged music with absolutely no worry of infringing our copyrights.

Single user licenses fit tight budgets, and allow teachers a chance to try a piece out before purchasing a studio license—and coupons are always provided with a single user license order so one can easily upgrade to a studio license.

Large Print copies of many of our titles are available for those with visual impairments, or who prefer to read from larger staves. Our large print titles are designed for landscape-oriented 11×17 US Ledger paper (similar in size to A3) and fit easily on a piano music rack or sheet music stand, and shouldn’t curl backwards.

Our teaching tools are professionally manufactured and are durable for studio and home use.

Some pieces are offered under Creative Commons licenses and are always free to download, print, copy and distribute! When you share our CC-licensed pieces, you help spread the word about Alijam Music’s quality compositions and arrangements.

Our Facebook Page and Facebook Group offer unique personal access to the publisher and composers. We love getting feedback and hearing from musicians who have used our works successfully in studio, on stage and in the sanctuary!

Alijam Music’s Top 6 most ordered

Rave Reviews and Recommendations

  • Battle of the Broomsticks (From: $3.00)
    reviewed by andrew.young

    I'm always looking for original Halloween songs and knew that my students would love this song when I bought it. After talking to one of the student, he said that the has a great range in the Treble and Bass Clef, plus a fun driving section that holds his attention. Personally I enjoy the dynamics's of this piece and can hear the physical and mind battles occurring between the witches. If you're looking for an energetic Halloween song, please check it out. Exceptional job James. A new favorite in our studio. Keep up the amazing work.

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  • Carpe Diem (From: $3.00)
    reviewed by Colleen Branson

    I quite like this little piece. It’s a good exercise in keeping a smooth, flowing LH continuing evenly under the RH Melody too.

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  • Everything's Fine (From: $3.00)
    reviewed by anna oberst

    Fun, happy, uplifting beat. I like the bass octave notes that give it a nice, bouncy feel. A fun way to get used to that octave feel.

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