Theme from “Swan Lake,” Op. 20, No. 9 (Tchaikovsky)

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Tchaikovsky’s famous theme has an interesting history, and it is one of the most recognized and loved themes in the world!


This famous ballet was Tchaikovsky’s first, but it was not successful during his lifetime. The famous theme used at the end of Act I was part of a piece Tchaikovsky composed for his nieces and nephews, based on a German folk story.

This piece is on the easier side of late intermediate, with opportunities to practice 2 over 3 rhythms.

Key: A minor

Mood: sad, emotional, moving

Pedagogy: pedal, 2 over 3 rhythms, dynamics

3 reviews for Theme from “Swan Lake,” Op. 20, No. 9 (Tchaikovsky)

  1. C H

    Lovely accessible arrangement

  2. Catherine Hicks

    Great arrangement!

  3. Susan F

    Lovely arrangement of this popular composition! It’s a wonderful version for students who want to play a beautiful tune, but aren’t at the advanced level.

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