Dealers and Distributors

Alijam Music’s policy since October 18, 2023 is to provide hardcopies only to dealers. We believe this encourages teachers to shop their local store, helping keep you open.

In that regard, we strive to have the highest quality hardcopies possible for a publisher with our size and scope, so teachers will be encouraged to purchase them over printing their own using inexpensive 20 lb (50#) copy paper. We use 100# text paper (40 lb.) for 4-page single sheets and as the covers to hardcopies with more than 4 pages. Inside pages are 70# or 80# paper (28 lb or 32 lb) depending on the number of pages. We typically saddle stitch (staple) anything with more than 4 pages.

Some of our hardcopies are professionally printed, especially those with many pages, such as Scale Score. We can make any of our digital pieces hardcopies for dealers.

Our wholesale prices can fluctuate depending on market forces, so we ask that you contact us for pricing information. We ship via USPS Media Mail unless there is a pressing need to ship via another method. We offer free USPS Media Mail shipping on any orders that are more than $25.