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This Glass-ian minimalist piece will exceed your expectations with its easy to learn, yet moving and calm atmosphere!


The word amaranthine is used to mean something continual and lasting, as it is associated with the mythical eternal flower. The name is also used for a group of real-world purple-red flowers used for culinary and decorative purposes. James L. King III’s minimalist piece captures a serene, ethereal, and dreamy character.  The right hand is always in D 5-finger position. The left hand moves in a consistent 5ths pattern. Easy to learn, this piece is a great “rescue” or “emergency” recital piece that can be prepared quickly.

Key: D major

Mood: calm, moving, dreamy

Pedagogy: fifths, minimalism, repeats, D.C., 1st and 2nd endings.

3 reviews for Amaranthine

  1. jphome

    I chose this piece because it was similar in style to a piece that my student likes, but that piece is too difficult. I gave Amaranthine to him last week. He’s coming tomorrow for his lesson, so I’ll get his opinion then and will post his remarks then.

  2. Audrey Weislogel

    Very pretty and enchanting. My 12 year old late level 1 student is really enjoying mastering this for the recital.

  3. jphome

    My student, an adult, had to struggle to read all the bass clef notes initially, but he’s learned the notes through this piece and enjoys playing it, too.

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