After You’ve Gone

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This collection has the famous jazz standard in lead sheet form (with verse and chorus) and six realizations from James L. King III for early to late intermediate players. Starting with just playing single notes in the left hand to playing full, professional-style arrangements, students will gain confidence and experience in playing from lead sheets.


James L. King III uses this classic jazz standard by Turner Layton and Henry Creamer to introduce the concepts of lead sheets. 6 complete realizations are included, from simple single note left hand accompaniments to professional extended chords. The realizations are in progressive order, and were designed for students from early intermediate to late intermediate levels. Any of the realizations, especially the later ones can be used as recital pieces. The chorus can also be played several times with progressively difficult realizations as a theme and variations.

Key: C major

Mood: varies from wistful to happy, depending on tempo and chord voicings

Pedagogy: lead sheets, swing style, syncopation, chord voicings, walking bass


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