Walking on Clouds

This epic piece for primer level students is impressive, because it doesn’t need a teacher accompaniment! It has a bold theatrical opening contrasted with a delicate answering statement.

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This “no-teacher-duet-needed” middle-C position piece (like Dancing Lights and Spacewalk) sounds incredibly epic! The pedal is held down throughout the piece, which helps create the expansive, rich sound. Students move in different octaves (clearly marked, with fermatas in the previous measure to give students time to move) and use forte and piano to add intensity and interest. In one measure, both hands play together, otherwise each hand is playing separately, either single notes or an interval of a 5th. Repeat signs make the piece a suitable length for recitals. Students will gain experience with ottava markings: 8ba and 8va, repeat signs and dynamic signs.

Key: C major

Mood: epic, monumental, fearless

Pedagogy: pedal, playing hands together, 8va/8ba markings, repeat signs, fermatas, dynamics.


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