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Anyone who dreams of being in space will enjoy this celestial piece that keeps floating higher and higher on the piano!

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Primer level students will adore this empyrean “no-teacher-duet-needed” middle-C position piece (similar to Dancing Lights) that gives them an opportunity to play higher and higher on the piano! The pedal is held down throughout the piece to help create the expansive, rich sound. (Teachers may hold the pedal down if the student is too short to reach the pedals, or a weight can be used to keep the pedal down.) Students will learn about ottava markings: 8va, 15ma (2 octaves higher) and the rare 22ma (3 octaves higher)!

Key: C major

Mood: floating, seraphic, expansive

Pedagogy: pedal, playing hands together, 8va/15ma/22ma markings

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