Scale Score!

This intense, ultra-high-scoring game brings excitement, enthusiasm, and (optional) competition to the task of learning and perfecting scales. Students will master all major scales, all forms of all minor scales, all blues scales, both whole tone scales, and the chromatic scale in this 96-page scoring system.

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Who says scales are boring?

No, seriously, drop your hands and stop rolling your eyes.

This is a game-changer.


Because it’s a game that changes students who weren’t previously interested in technical exercises into theory-crazy speed-obsessed scale-hounds.

This unique high-scoring (and we mean HIGH-scoring) game makes it easy to get started working on scales and mastering them, whether one is brand new to scales or is trying to polish their scales to get ready for a big audition or competition.

96 pages of scale scoring sheets and reference guides give the student and teacher flexibility to choose what to work on, and what goals to set during a practice session! Teachers get a say in adjusting the scores to prevent runaway “I-thought-that-was-pretty-good-I-only-missed-5-notes-and-3-fingerings” premature high scores, helping to promote excellence and a careful focus on listening for and observing correctly played elements. Students can quickly develop technique that leads to better musicianship!

The game is so flexible that it allows teachers and students to create their own technique goals that can earn huge points.

And when we say huge, we mean huge: the speed of the scale is the foundation for scoring, but multiple multipliers applied cumulatively can easily drive scores through the roof. Scores in the millions for one scale are possible, and complete SCALE SCORES in the billions can be achieved! (Maybe even a trillion? Maybe.)

Students who enjoy games and following lots of little rules will enjoy reading and implementing Scale Score! into their practice sessions.

Most importantly, the path to improving one’s score is made clear, allowing students to easily follow Alijam Music’s Golden Rule of Practicing: “Be better when practice is over.” Students will improve and know exactly HOW they improved.

Due to teacher demand, a supplement that includes the major and minor scales with key signatures (and added the three diminished scales) is now part of the digital package and can be printed on demand for anyone who has purchased a hardcopy of the original.


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