5x5x5 Practice Rewards


Students who need a little push to get into good practicing habits will find this rewards system makes it easier!

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Practice-resistant students may find this challenge/rewards system gives them the push they need to succeed!

This practice strategy encourages cooperation and involvement between students, parents, and teachers.

It is built on the basic premise of rewarding five days of practicing. When five days of practicing have been rewarded five times, a greater reward is provided for that 25-day block. And five completed 25-day blocks leads to an even greater reward.

It can be used with any instrument.

While the PDF is intended to be printed double sided, so the rules for students are on the back of the 5×5 sheet, it is not necessary to print them that way.

Released under a Creative Commons-Attribution-4.0 license, so everyone can freely share, print and copy pages as needed, and teachers can use the system as a starting point for their own rewards systems. (Just be sure to credit James L. King III if you adapt 5x5x5 and release it to the public.)

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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