Theme from Frühlingslied, Op. 62, No. 6 (Mendelssohn)

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So light and breezy and true to the original, you’ll feel like you’re in a cartoon!

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Mendelssohn’s Songs without Words contain some of the most beloved melodies in all music. His Opus 62, No. 6, more commonly known as “Spring Song,” is a familiar motive for cartoons. James L. King III’s early intermediate arrangement keeps much of the feel of the first theme from the original. Students will learn left hand movements and octave patterns, and get practice with first and second endings. In a recital situation, the student should probably play the whole piece twice (including the first endings both times) to make the piece longer.

Key: G Major (transposed from the original in A Major)

Mood: light, floating, free, infatuated

Pedagogy: chromatic scales, staccato, soft dynamics, lh octave patterns, 1st/2nd ending notation

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