Speed Limit 208

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Students who can only play faster and fastest will get challenged with this scorching breakneck-velocity recital standout!

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This sequel to In The Fast Lane is another James L. King III barnburner, this time in a minor key!

Unlike In The Fast Lane, which could be played as slow as 208 for the quarter note, Speed Limit: 208 requires the half note to be 208. Students will get practice subdividing when playing with the metronome. The hands stay in the 5-finger D minor position the whole time, making this a great piece to practice transposition. (In The Fast Lane included both C major and G major keys. Speed Limit: 208 can be used to see how well the student can transpose on their own.) The pedal is used one time near the end to help fill out the sound.

It’s a big recital winner for elementary students who simply have to play prestississississississimo!

Key: D minor (without key signature)

Mood: determined, competitive

Pedagogy: fast speed, intervals, pedal.

1 review for Speed Limit 208

  1. heather.rathnau

    This piece is a winner! You can sense the zig-zag in the traffic. Excellent for steady beat with the mix of quarter notes and rests and half notes – no matter what the speed limit, students are sure to ‘arrive’ with this piece in drive!

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