Jazzland ’79


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​You can’t help but smile when you hear or play this jazz-rock piece!


Jazz fusion got its largest boost in the 1970s when groups like Weather Report and Return to Forever combined jazzy harmonies with rock-style rhythms and lyrical sax solos to create an enduring music style. Jazzland ’79, unabashedly inspired by Weather Report’s Birdland, is a musical treat with a heavy “hook” in the opening and a wonderful lyrical/chordal passage in the middle section, and a bright key change at the end that was typical of the era.

Students will get work on marcato accents, crisp articulations, and keeping a steady rock rhythm.

Key: C Major/A♭​ Major/D Major

Mood: energetic, happy, enthusiastic

Pedagogy: dynamics, accents, articulations, modulations


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