Hungarian in Asheville, A

Bela Bartók’s influence is evident in this 20th Century contemporary style-piece!

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One of the titans among composers of the contemporary era, Bela Bartók spent the winter of 1943-44 in Asheville NC. His health was declining, but he regained motivation to compose while in America. It was at the Albemarle Inn, then a boarding house, where he created his famous Concerto for Orchestra.

His piano works are some of the most enduring contemporary works, ranging from the most simple five-finger melodies to ambitious and complex concert pieces.

Bartók’s style usually centers around a key, but makes free use of dissonance. Repeated single notes and motives and extensive imitative counterpoint are some of the identifying features of his style. James L. King III’s miniature, in the style of Bartók’s Mikrokosmos series, is a delightful tribute to the genius and inspiring legacy of Bela.

Key: atonal

Mood: restless, engaged, excited

Pedagogy: contemporary counterpoint, staccato, repeated notes, dynamics, changing time signatures


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