Brawl on Duval Street

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This rollicking barrelhouse boogie blues showstopper for late intermediate players is a huge success at recitals and other performances!


Late intermediate players will find that Brawl on Duval Street is an exceptionally impressive performance piece! The boogie-woogie left hand is easier to play than it sounds, and the punchy right hand adds to the excitement, especially when the quartal chords come in during the middle section!

In Key West, Florida, Duval Street is where all the action is and this world-famous 12-bar barrelhouse blues captures the frenzy, action, and drama of this island resort town which is 37 miles closer to Havana, Cuba than it is to the United States mainland!

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Key: F Major

Mood: active, punchy, spirited

Pedagogy: boogie-woogie bass, 12-bar blues form, blues scales, quartal chords


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