Cool Moments

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This jazz-fusion style-piece will get audiences grooving along with sophisticated chords and funky rhythms!

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The 1970s and early 1980s saw an explosion of bands that combined jazz and rock together, creating a style called jazz fusion. With its roots in R&B and funk, fusion was the gateway to swing and other forms of jazz for many. This style-piece has influences from Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, and Steely Dan. The pattern-based music is easier to learn than one might imagine. It’s a great entryway for late intermediate students who are interested in learning funk and fusion patterns.

Key: E minor

Mood: laid-back, yet upbeat and excited

Pedagogy: syncopation, accents, staccato, left hand bass patterns, pedal, dynamics.

2 reviews for Cool Moments

  1. alamogirl78

    This is such a fun song to play! It is very cool indeed – thank you!

  2. Karen Larson

    The perfect piece for a teen jazz lover. Easily learned rhythms and repeating patterns. “Cool” sound.

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