Travička zelená

This Czech folk song gives elementary students lots of practice with two-note slurs!

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Music historically played an important part in life of common people and peasants in the Czech Republic. It offered both a means of expression and a vent for their emotions. The music varies not only by where the folk music came from but also how it was used. Therefore, there are many distinct folk songs.

Traditional celebrations such as the spring equinox, and the autumn harvest are still among the occasions traditionally celebrated with songs.

Travička zelená is one of the spring celebration pieces. The lyrics are simple, with the story of a child wanting to go outside and lie down on the new spring grass, and complaining that being indoors when it is so beautiful outside is like torture. The original Czech lyrics are included along with a loose translation and paraphrase in English.

This elementary arrangement keeps the right hand in a C major five finger position, and has one extension in the left hand. It is a superior etude for practicing two-note slurs, and when repeated, is a suitable length for recitals.

Key: C major

Mood: eager, restless.

Pedagogy: dynamics, two note slurs, hand extensions.


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