That Funky Elephant Chicken


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Have fun going back to the 1960s with this funky watusi dance piece!

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The watusi is a dance that originated in the early 1960s. It gained popularity in the United States and was associated with the rhythm and blues music of that era. The dance is characterized by twisting movements of the hips and arms, and it often involves a swaying motion.

The name “Watusi” is derived from the Tutsi people of Rwanda and Burundi in East Africa. The dance does not have any direct connection to African culture or traditional Watusi dances; rather, the name was likely used to evoke a sense of exoticism and intrigue.

The watusi became particularly popular in the context of the American dance craze of the 1960s, where various dances gained widespread popularity through music and television. It was often danced to songs with a fast tempo and a strong beat.

James L. King III provides an interesting take on the rhythm and blues music that the watusi was often danced to. The title of the piece is one way to remember its basic rhythm throughout.

Key: B♭ Major

Mood: happy, energetic, carefree

Pedagogy: blues progression, staccato, parallel chord movement, accents


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