Sunset at Mallory Square

This relaxed and thoughtful bossa-nova, inspired by the waterfront sunsets, will put you in a delightfully lazy tropical mood!

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One of the most popular tourist attractions in Key West is gathering at the waterfront in Mallory Square two hours before sunset and participating in the Sunset Celebration. Locals and tourists alike come to watch the modern day jongleurs perform their specialties and then watch the sun slowly dip below the horizon on the Gulf of Mexico. It is the perfect way to end a day and start an event-packed night!

James King’s homage to the famous sunset is a medium-slow minor key bossa-nova that captures the essence of the crowd slowing down for the 20-minute “natural light show” that happens during civil twilight. Students work on typical bossa nova patterns and extended jazz harmonies.

Key: A minor, C major

Mood: contemplative

Pedagogy: extended jazz harmonies, bossa-nova rhythm


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