Star-Spangled Banners, The

This collection of Star-Spangled Banners will be a go-to for all patriotic events, sanctuary services, and sporting events, no matter what level you are!

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This collection of arrangements of The Star-Spangled Banner will be useful throughout all American teaching studios:

Elementary level includes a teacher duet part, and is the easiest possible arrangement of the national anthem available for students to learn. The duet part has some tasteful reharmonizations.

Early intermediate level uses block chords in the left hand while the right hand plays the melody, and is arranged in a traditional style

Intermediate level adds complexity in both hands, and is a traditional arrangement.

The late intermediate level is a thick and lush jazz reinterpretation, in 4/4, with lots of rhythmic liberty (hah! a pun!) and harmonic style.

Key: C major (Elementary and Late Intermediate), G major (Early intermediate and Intermediate)

Mood: patriotic and reverent

Pedagogy: varies depending on level, but accidentals and fingering play an important role in all variations.


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