Spider That Would Not Die, The

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Get eight legs up on playing with curved fingers with this elementary cluster etude!

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This piece uses several methods to help develop curved fingers when performing:

1. playing a flat hand white key cluster, then slowly curving the fingers until they are in the right 5-finger position, and in a properly curved shape, then playing from the wrist with that position,

2. holding thumb and finger together in a circle, and playing with that supported position.

3. playing on the fingertips.

4. using the analogy of a spider vs. a “smushed” or flattened spider for the hand shape.

The lyrics of Itsy Bitsy Spider have been altered to emphasize the flat vs. curved nature of the etude.

Key: C Major

Mood: intense, sometimes playful.

Pedagogy: staccato, curved fingers, clusters

1 review for Spider That Would Not Die, The

  1. jfzwiebel

    This is a great piece to reinforce proper hand position ! It is fun and sounds great also! Thanks for composing this!!!

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