Saturday Night Blues Jam

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This elementary blues sounds almost two levels higher than it should be, thanks to a walking bass line, and an easy-to-learn but impressive sounding blues riff!

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This elementary solo is so full of fun, more advanced students may want to try to play it!

The right hand stays in the C 5-finger blues position for the entire piece, making it easy to teach either by reading, finger numbers, or rote.

The left hand stays in middle C position, just an octave lower.

Students may try to improvise their own solos if desired after the first repeat, staying in the blues 5-finger position.

Key: C Minor

Mood: laid back, cool.

Pedagogy: blues form, blues scale, fermata

2 reviews for Saturday Night Blues Jam

  1. Horst Moser

    Such a nice “sad” blues riff 🙂

    Really worth to give it a try with your beginners…

  2. John Bakos

    I enjoy teaching the blues. This is a great piece to use with my reluctant improvisors. It gives them written ideas that can be changed, expanded on and used as springboards to other ideas. All of James’ arrangements are top notch!

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