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This new-age/pop style piece will be a treasured favorite in your studio, because it sounds quite a bit harder than it actually is.

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This calm and flowing piece is an ideal “recital rescue” piece: it sounds much harder than it is, partly because of the extensive pedal use, but the repeated patterns make it extremely easy to learn and memorize. It fits under the hands and has a tiny bit of “flash” with a repeated right hand “sparkle” pattern. While it shares a number of features with minimalist music, it has a more pop music and new-age music sound to it. It will find a warm place in many of your students’ hearts!

Key: C minor

Mood: calm, thoughtful

Pedagogy: eighth note repeated patterns, sixteenth notes, dotted quarter-eighth note patterns, pedaling

2 reviews for Reflections

  1. kathrynanderson65

    I love this composition Reflections, I think that the best thing I ever did was find this amazing website. The new pieces are timeless and a pleasure to play.

  2. Diana Umile

    I really like Reflections. It has a very sophisticated sound for its playing level. I have several students in mind who I’m sure will love it too. James is a great composer!

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