Theme from Symphony No. 7 (Beethoven)

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This arrangement of the famous theme from the second movement of Symphony No. 7 is delightfully intense.

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Beethoven told a friend that this was one of his best works. The second movement was so well-received that it had to be encored immediately. This arrangement, while technically at the early intermediate level (several hand position changes and accidentals), is certainly achievable for motivated late elementary students! Students will get to work on pianissimo dynamics, clef changes and slightly detached playing (mezzo-staccato). Historical information and a facsimile of Beethoven’s sketches of the second movement are included—Ludwig’s manuscript is not the easiest to read, but students may enjoy searching the scribbles for the music.

Key: A minor

Mood: intense, moving.

Pedagogy: pianissimo, hand position changes, multiple accidentals, clef changes, mezzo-staccato

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