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Get a head start on some common jazz licks with this bluesy showcase piece!

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In jazz, a “lick” is a commonly-played motive, usually performed as part of a solo. James L. King III’s Delickscious! takes several common licks including the famous/infamous “The Lick” and places them in the context of a blues in F. While this composition is not intended to be a comprehensive list of licks (that could take many pages), it is a good start for budding improvisers.

Key: F major

Mood: lazy, but also determined

Pedagogy: blues scales, chromatic scales, jazz licks, left hand voicings, swing rhythm

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1 review for Delickscious!

  1. Noreen Fredriksen

    A great piece! You can’t help but tap your toe when you listen to it.

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