Ah! Si mon moine voulait danser! (Primer)

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This French-Canadian folk song is based on a pun on the word moine, which can mean both “monk” and “spinning top.” As the top spins, the song suggests items the top should have if it were really a monk. Primer level students will enjoy this fast paced, silly piece alone or with the teacher duet.

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Oh, if my monk would only dance! is the English translation of this popular Canadian folk song. Primer students will enjoy this piece with its catchy melody and they’ll enjoy it more with the bouncy teacher duet part! An optional left hand accompaniment is included for the student when they are ready for an additional challenge.

Key: C major

Mood: happy and carefree

Pedagogy: basic note values, on-staff reading in C position, rests, melodies passed between hands, repeat signs, harmonic thirds in left hand (optional)

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1 review for Ah! Si mon moine voulait danser! (Primer)

  1. Rhonda

    This piece will captivate your beginner students. It’s catchy, upbeat and fun. Would make an impressive recital piece!

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