One Size Fifths All

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This fifths-filled contemporary masterpiece is marked as Early Intermediate, but can easily be taught by rote to an Elementary student!

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This engaging solo is leveled early intermediate because of the hand movement and accidentals, however, it is simple enough to teach an elementary level student by rote! The hands always stay in a “perfect fifth” position, moving up and down the keyboard as needed. It sounds much harder than it actually is, and is a fantastic contemporary recital piece!

Key: C Dorian, then C major

Mood: adventurous, triumphant

Pedagogy: fifths, hand position changes, staccato, D.C. al Fine., repeats (D.C. al Fine and repeats are not in the Large Print edition)

2 reviews for One Size Fifths All

  1. heather.rathnau

    Great piece for students to play something that sounds ‘bigger’ and ‘harder’ than it really is. Good for steady beat, forward momentum and articulations! Fun to play, too!

  2. Colleen Branson

    Love it! A great piece for students learning 5ths, as it sounds big and dramatic.

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