Masters In This Hall


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This Christmas Carol is lesser-known, but gaining in popularity. This arrangement is great for Sanctuary special music.


Discover the enchanting history behind this hidden gem of a Christmas carol, adorned with a melody hailing from at least the early 18th century, if not earlier. Originally featured as a dance tune in the 1706 opera Alcyone by French composer Marin Marais, the melody made its way to England.

In a delightful twist, a young apprentice designer and architect, William Morris, breathed new life into it in 1860 by pairing it with heartfelt lyrics. Morris’s verses delve into the essence of Christmas, shining a spotlight on the poor and humble, who, in his narrative, grasp the true meaning of the season more profoundly than their affluent counterparts.

A Special Notes page includes all 12 lyrics (usually only 4 are included in performances), and historical information.

pedagogy: hand position changes, finger crossings, alterations of the minor scale

key: d minor

mood: serious, celebratory


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