Joy to the World

This keyboard quartet is flexible and can be played on one piano. One of the parts is single-handed, so a student with a broken arm can still participate!

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This elementary keyboard quartet was specifically designed for consumer-grade keyboards, but can also be performed on one piano! Students will get experience in ensemble playing.

The Primo and Secondo parts are written in a special “tetrachord” hand position that helps demonstrate scales for beginning students. Primo is a little easier than Secondo, which has some hands-together playing.

The Terzo part is written in Middle C position and is a little harder than the other parts, but is still at elementary level.

The Quarto part is written for one hand in C 5-finger position, making this an excellent ensemble piece in which a student with a broken arm can participate! (A primer student could even play this part.)

Individual parts and a full conductor’s score are included.

Key: C Major

Mood: victorious, happy, exuberant

Pedagogy: ensemble playing, orchestration, scales


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