It Gets Better

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This uplifting contemporary pop piano style-piece will find a home in many students’ hearts. Soaring sixths and octaves create an emotionally moving piece.

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Late-2010s popular piano music contains many emotion-filled patterns, usually as a hook or riff that gives the piece a strong identity. This “style-piece” by James L. King III for early 21st century piano pop hits (a pun! HA!) all the right spots, then builds to a dramatic climax with an unexpected key change. You’ll probably have several students that want to play this one!

Key: C Major

Mood: moody, but optimistic

Pedagogy: octave chords, parallel sixths, pedal

1 review for It Gets Better

  1. heather.rathnau

    It doesn’t get much better than this for your teenage students! Beautiful piece with a definite dose of ‘cool’ – great for students who want to play chords. The use of the 6ths in the RH is great training for that. Modulation and climax included! You’ll have students asking for more with this piece!

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