Eternal Offering

This piece can be as short or as long as you want it to be!

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This piece, while created as special music for church services, is useful anytime one needs beautiful, calm, background-style music and must time the length of the music to the event. There are six places in the music where the performer may choose to move to the Coda, and the piece may be repeated as often as necessary, similar to Perpetual Motion.

Playing the piece all the way through without repeats, the length is approximately 1:25. (The audio render plays through the piece twice.) If a shorter performance is desired for any reason, the performer may skip to the Coda even before the piece has been fully played. The shortest performance time would be approximately 20 seconds in length.

The piece stays within 5-finger positions: the left hand in Middle C position and the right hand in D major. Students gain experience in a very smooth and legato touch; pedal may be used by students who are ready to attempt once-a-measure pedaling.

Key: G major

Mood: calm, contented, giving, inspirational

Pedagogy: legato, clusters, “rolled” chords, repeat, Coda.


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