When Irish Eyes are Smiling

This duet is will be the hit of any St. Patrick's day celebration, or any other time that an Irish-style melody is desired! Be prepared when everyone sings along!

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Chauncey Olcott’s great 1912 hit has been arranged as a mixed-level duet. The Primo is for a primer level student and the Secondo is for an early intermediate player. (Siblings will enjoy this piece) The primo part has fixed 5-finger positions (thumbs on C4 and D4) and is written without a key signature, including the F# every time it appears. The secondo part is mostly within extended 5-finger positions, but has fingerings clearly marked when positions change. Both “facing pages” and combined score engravings are included for maximum flexibility. Fascinating historical information about the piece and some of its creators is included for teachers and older students who might be interested.

Key: G Major (Primo part written without key signature)

Mood: happy, dramatic, lilting

Pedagogy: basic note values, fermata, ritardando, caesura


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