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This piece sounds much harder than it actually is, thanks to alternating hands and continuous pedal!

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This piece stays entirely in the C major 5-finger position, with alternating hands. With the pedal held down throughout, it has a sophisticated complex sound that is elegantly easy to achieve! It will be a student favorite for many seasons!

Key: C major

Mood: aimless, meandering

Pedagogy: quarter notes, quarter rests, repeats, ritardando

3 reviews for Wandering

  1. Natale Farrell

    So simple, but beautiful!

  2. Horst Moser

    Alternating left hand – right hand…

    A simple, but challenging tune!

  3. Gloria

    James is a master at composing. Love the beauty of the tune, while being a challenging piece. It’s awesome! My students will like this one!

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