Tiger Rag

This equal-level duet arrangement of one of jazz music’s most iconic pieces will find a place in several of your students’ favorite selections!

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Tiger Rag is considered to be the first hit recording of jazz music. It was almost instantly picked up by dance bands and marching bands after its second release in March of 1918 and was recorded hundreds of times over the next two decades.

In 2002, Tiger Rag was added to the Library of Congress’s National Recording Registry.

The repetitive and aggressive chorus (lyrics from Harry DeCosta include: “Hold that tiger, Where’s that tiger?”) has made the tune a popular fight song for college teams that have a tiger as mascot, among them Louisiana State University, Princeton University, and Clemson University.

This equal-leveled duet arrangement is on the easy side of intermediate, with only a few possibly tricky places. It will be a crowd-pleaser with many audiences, especially if they are fans of a team that uses this piece as a fight song!

Engraved in “facing pages” and “combined score” versions for maximum flexibility!

Key: C major

Mood: happy, bright

Pedagogy: Collaborative playing, syncopation


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