Theme from “La Savane” Op. 3 (Gottschalk)

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This Gottschalk piece sounds awfully close to “Skip to my Lou” in places!

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La Savane (The Savannah), Op. 3, is a composition written for piano in 1846 by the American composer Louis Moreau Gottschalk. With the subtitle Ballade Créole, it was first published in 1849.

The inspiration for the piece was a New Orleans legend that the skeleton of runaway slaves that had perished in the swamps around the city had turned into oaks. While one of the primary themes has a melody which is similar to Skip to My Lou, it was actually based on portions of the Creole Louisiana song Pov’piti Lolotte.

Key: E minor

Mood: pensive, spooky

Pedagogy: staccato, piano/pianissimo, hand-crossing. subito fortississimo.

1 review for Theme from “La Savane” Op. 3 (Gottschalk)

  1. Gloria

    This piece is quite worldly and full of the small embellishments that will easily turn this into a very teachable moment, James’s pieces are thoughtful and each one has a goal. Thank you for helping us teachers be the best we can be.

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