Sonatina No. 3

Muzio, Joseph, Wolfgang, Ludwig, and Frederich would all feel at home with the third of James King’s classical-era sonatinas!

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James L. King III’s Sonatina No. 3 is part of a continuing collection of compositions that follow the tradition of classical-style sonatinas.

The first movement in this sonatina is a lively sonata-form in F major with the development in D minor. The second movement is a moderately slow 6/8 trio in C major with trills.

Recital-ready, this two-movement piece will be enjoyed by students, teachers, and audiences who like the sounds of Clementi and Kuhlau, but want something fresh.

Key: F major, C major

Mood: lively, then sweet.

Pedagogy: sonata-allegro form; scales; fingering, dynamics, trills, multi-movement work.


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