Poor Wayfaring Stranger

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Ready for the sanctuary, this arrangement for three primer level players will impress everyone!

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This traditional American hymn is well known for its minor pentatonic melody and wistful hope for a better life beyond when we are reunited with our loved ones. “King James'” primer level reading trio arrangement includes call and response sections, and has Primo and Secondo parts in Middle C position, and the Terzo in a fixed 5-finger position (LH thumb on C, RH thumb on D). The Primo part is just slightly harder than the other parts. Students will get practice with dynamics and basic note values, and basic rests (rests are only engraved in this arrangement when absolutely necessary.) It is an exceptional slow-tempo piece for recitals and ideal for special music in worship services.

Key: A minor

Mood: melancholy, weary with a touch of optimism

Pedagogy: basic note values, rests, dynamics, ensemble playing, call and response form.

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