Minuet from London Sketchbook, K.15qq (Mozart)

This minuet, sometimes titled Arioso, is one of Mozart’s early pieces. It’s elegant and charming, suitable for adult students as well as children.

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The London Sketchbook is a series of 43 untitled pieces and sketches written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart between 1764 and 1765 while in London.

Most pieces are extremely short, normally lasting from 40 seconds to a minute; however, some span as long as four minutes in total. According to the Neue Mozart-Ausgabe, the intended purpose of this book was not for musical exercise, as once thought, rather for the young Mozart, who had just learned how to use pen and ink, to write down his own inspiration without needing anyone’s help. Corrections by his father Leopold appear in pencil only.

This minuet is sometimes called Arioso, transposes the key to C major from its original. It’s classified early intermediate, but motivated late elementary students should be able to learn it with little difficulty.

Mozart’s original manuscript is included in the Special Notes section.

Key: C major

Mood: calm, elegant, stately, serious

Pedagogy: finger changes, dynamics, staccato, accidentals


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