Little Bitty Pretty One

You’ll be humming and finger-snapping with this iconic 1957 earworm!

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Robert J. Byrd, also known as Bobby Day, composed this iconic rock and roll piece and recorded it in 1957. Later that year, Thurston Harris’ cover would reach #6 on the Billboard charts. It has been covered by artists as diverse as Frankie Lymon, the Jackson 5 and Aaron Carter. James L. King III’s intermediate arrangement includes fingersnaps where the handclaps are normally found and offers a blues-scale based solo near the end. (Bobby Day’s original recording has a guitar solo near the end of the piece.)

Lyrics and chords are included.

Key: F Major

Mood: fun, happy, upbeat

Pedagogy: syncopation, swing rhythm, staccato, playing with sound effects (finger snaps), blues scales, chord progressions.


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