Isle of Palms

This impressionistic piece is unique because you can play it without using your thumbs!

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This impressionistic piece, named after the resort village in South Carolina, is engraved with unusual fingering–the teacher who requested this piece asked for something that avoided using thumbs, as her student was having pain when using them. So, this piece is fingered so that thumbs never have to be used at all! Students get a good workout with the other fingers moving around the keyboard with the help of the damper pedal. The time signature changes from compound time to simple time (with the eighth-note constant) which gives a different mood to the sections within this miniature. Whole tone and modal scales are used to create an atmospheric sound common to the impressionist period.

Key: atonal (whole tone and modal scales are used, the closest key center is C)

Mood: moving, calm, breezy

Pedagogy: dynamics, triplets, pedaling, changing time signatures


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