Indiana (Marcailhou)

“Is not the smile of a successful waltz a hundred times better than the pretentious and formal expression of a mediocre sonata?” — Albert Roussel

This piece will be a wonderful addition for early intermediate pianists ready for a melodic challenge!

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Gatien Pierre Joseph Ferdinand de Marcailhou of Aymeric is the full name of French composer Gatien Marcailhou (1807-1855). He is best known for light parlor music and for being one of Gabriel Fauré’s teachers.

This particular piece was dedicated to Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin, otherwise known as George Sand, who was Chopin’s romantic partner for 10 years. Sand’s novel Indiana was inspiration for the piece. It was published nearly 20 years after Marcailhou’s death.
Marcailhou is the true creator of the modern French waltz. Immortally famous, the waltzes of Marcailhou remain documentary of their time like the white camellias or pale pink loved by our ancestors of the second Empire.” — Maurice Ravel
This arrangement keeps the flowing Romantic-era melody while changing a few harmonies and making the left hand much easier than the original.

Key: G Major, C major

Mood: brisk, yet sweet and innocent

Pedagogy: octaves, wide melodic leaps, staccato, phrasing, repeats


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