Goodness Gracious!

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People will think your fingers are on fire when you play this impressive piece at your next performance!

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This showcase piece — or rather, this showoff piece — will be the thrill and delight of any late intermediate performer who has wanted to sound like Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis. This boogie-woogie piece has it all: flashy glissandos, the right hand eighth-note pattern in the upper octaves, the 8-to-the-bar boogie bass left hand, the grace notes and ornaments (written out fully), the left hand tremolo, the very light swing (almost straight eighths, but not quite) and the energy that made rockabilly famous! (The enterprising student may want to repeat measures 5-64 just to show off a little more!)

Key: C Major

Mood: manic, flashy, intense

Pedagogy: glissandos, boogie-woogie left hand, right hand rockabilly patterns, tremolo, accents

4 reviews for Goodness Gracious!

  1. Jennifer Foxx

    What a fun showstopper piece! Definitely will liven things up! Love it!

  2. Andrea West

    A great piece for a more advanced student. It’s super showy with all the glissandos. My student will definitely close the recital with this piece.

  3. barbadam

    Fast and Flashy, exciting stunner in the Jerry Lee Lewis style! My very discerning student loves Goodness Gracious and performed it in a talent show!

  4. barbara.sangiacomo

    Fun to play. Love the glissando’s . A rompin’ good time.

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