Fire Drill Four

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This piece not only has a “scramble” fire drill but also has three popular children’s songs played simultaneously!

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This elementary keyboard quartet was specifically designed for consumer-grade keyboards, but can also be performed on two pianos or even one piano! Students will get experience in ensemble playing as well as a touch of basic orchestration as they are encouraged to experiment with the sounds. This piece will introduce or reinforce D.S. (without Coda) to students, as well as Grand Pause.

As students play a quodlibet between three familiar children’s songs, suddenly a fire alarm goes off. Students then leave their keyboards and move to another keyboard and begin playing THAT part. The “fire alarm” can go off as many times as desired, so everyone could have a chance to play all four parts. (This means everyone should learn at least two parts, but it’s more fun if everyone knows all four parts or can sightread them.)

Individual parts and a full score are included.

Key: C Major

Mood: light and happy until the “fire alarm” goes off, then tense and nervous.

Pedagogy: ensemble playing, orchestration, basic dynamics, D.S., Grand Pause, 6/8 time signature

1 review for Fire Drill Four

  1. Anna Fagan

    What fun! Looking forward to sharing this with my keyboard ensembles this summer.

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