Fanfare for Friends

Siblings will love practicing and performing this victorious mixed-level duet!

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This fanfare sounds much harder than it really is! The Primo part is at the Elementary level, and stays in Middle C position, sometimes playing hands together or harmonic intervals. The Secondo part is at the Late Elementary level, in C position with a couple of stretches outside the position and a couple of accidentals. The mixed-level format makes it perfect for siblings who are at different stages in their piano study. (The title can be changed in performance to reflect the relationship between the two players: Fanfare for Sisters, Fanfare for Siblings, Fanfare for Parent and Child, etc.)

Engraved in “facing pages” format as well as “combined score” format for maximum flexibility.

Key: C major

Mood: proud, victorious

Pedagogy: syncopation, fingering, repeats, ensemble playing


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