Everything’s Fine

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This panglossian piece is catchy, challenging, and charming.

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This exceptionally giddy pop-style tune uses a classic I-vi-IV-V progression and lh octaves. There are two key changes in the piece that make the song more challenging and emphasizes the uplifting, happy feeling. In the middle, there’s a section where the lh octaves are playing in the same octave as the melody, with lh playing over rh. It’s a great piece that has an earworm melody everyone will be humming after the concert!

Key: C major, Db major, D major

Mood: ridiculously happy, effervescent

Pedagogy: fingering, dynamics, hand position changes, hand-over-hand playing

3 reviews for Everything’s Fine

  1. Colleen Branson

    What a happy piece! I downloaded the single today to try it and I already assigned it to a student. I’m just about to purchase the Studio License. Great practice in LH broken octaves. Thanks for the freebie tryout!

  2. nallen3062

    You have lots of fun music. This is a really good fun one!

  3. anna oberst

    Fun, happy, uplifting beat. I like the bass octave notes that give it a nice, bouncy feel. A fun way to get used to that octave feel.

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