Double Jeopardy

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International espionage, thrills, and excitement can all be found in this “Bond-style” duet for two late elementary pianists!

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This intense “Bond”-style duet is ideal for adventurous late elementary students. The key is C minor (but all accidentals are written in instead of a key signature). The Secondo part uses left hand in C position, right hand in G position, while the Primo part uses Middle C position, but with plenty of accidentals.

The piece includes engravings in “facing pages” and “combined score” formats for optimum flexibility.

Key: C minor (without key signature)

Mood: determined, mysterious, aggressive

Pedagogy: ensemble playing, accidentals, staccato, dynamics

1 review for Double Jeopardy

  1. Natale Farrell

    Absolutely LOVE this piece! Very Fun Duet!.
    It would be cool if there were fewer pages. Of course the print would be smaller, but perhaps only on the pages that show both parts.

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