Cowboy Trail, The

This ranch and recital-ready duet is equally-leveled with both parts at primer level!

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Well, howdy, pardner! This here pea-yanner duet is fer two greenhorn players, and ya don’t hafta be able to read music yet! Ya know yer finger numbers and ya can tell a cold-backed quarter note from a diamond-hitched whole note? Ya can play this cowboy sunset piece! Yee-HAW!!!

Both parts are equally-leveled and engraved in pre-reading notation. The secondo moves in typical do-so-la-so “western” fashion, while the primo’s melody takes advantage of the black key pentatonic scale. It’s a year-round crowd-pleaser!

Key: Gb major (pre-reading black key notation)

Mood: smooth and relaxed

Pedagogy: basic note values, keyboard topography, dynamics


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