Christmas Rarities

Explore the sounds of undiscovered Christmas carols! This collection includes 10 lesser-known Christmas and Hanukkah pieces that could become your new favorites!

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Christmas Rarities takes a fresh look at 10 relatively obscure holiday pieces, with late elementary and early intermediate arrangements of Christmas tunes (and one Hanukkah tune) that are not performed as often as some of the most frequently performed pieces.

Most of these pieces come from Europe and were originally in a different language than English; the original lyrics are included along with translations when possible, along with a brief history of each piece.

James L. King III’s arrangements are tasteful and appropriate for sanctuary use. (All pieces would probably need to be repeated at least once in performance to make them an appropriate time length.) Fingerings have been added throughout to aid pianists with hand position changes.

Key: varies

Mood: varies from calm to happy and excited

Pedagogy: accompanying congregations, shifting hand positions.


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