Battle of the Broomsticks

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You don’t have to wait for Halloween to enjoy this aggressive skirmish between opposing forces!

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Get ready for an epic showdown! This piece in G minor has intensity and style, while being easier than it sounds. Fifths in the left hand drive the rhythm while whole note harmonies (sometimes pleasant, sometimes clashing) generate excitement. A middle section with calm rolled chords signals the mid-game break, and then the competition is back on. The ending is filled with fire and fury, perfect not just for Halloween but for any tournament/fight theme.

Key: G minor

Mood: intense, competitive, exciting

Pedagogy: fifths, rolled chords, drastic tempo shifts, natural minor scales, flats, D.C. al Coda

1 review for Battle of the Broomsticks

  1. andrew.young

    I’m always looking for original Halloween songs and knew that my students would love this song when I bought it. After talking to one of the student, he said that the has a great range in the Treble and Bass Clef, plus a fun driving section that holds his attention. Personally I enjoy the dynamics’s of this piece and can hear the physical and mind battles occurring between the witches. If you’re looking for an energetic Halloween song, please check it out. Exceptional job James. A new favorite in our studio. Keep up the amazing work.

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