Uti vår hage

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This Swedish folk song is often sung during Walpurgis Night, which occurs on April 30.

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Uti vår hage (“Out in our meadow”) is a traditional Swedish folk song that has origins dating from the 15th century. It was first published in the 1880s, then was spread widely across Sweden and Europe. It helped create an interest in Swedish folk traditions, and is still well-known and performed. It is considered a “national song treasure” by Sweden and is often taught to schoolchildren. The piece is often performed, with other traditional pieces, during Walpurgis Night, a liturgical feast which occurs on April 30.

Lyrics and a translation/paraphrase are included.


Key: D minor

Mood: sweet, playful, a little dark

Pedagogy: fingering, dotted-eighth-sixteenth patterns, dynamics

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