Texas Cowboy, The

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This Texas song, composed by Mrs. Robert Thomson, is useful for a number of occasions!

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Musicologist John Avery Lomax (father of noted musicologist Alan Lomax) collected a number of cowboy and frontier songs dear to him because of his days growing up in central Texas near Meridian. While most of the pieces were of unknown origin, there was one that was published by Thos. Goggan & Bro.

Lomax got permission to add this piece, composed in 1886 by Mrs. Robert Thomson of San Antonio. Mrs. Thomson was later the organist of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church from 1892 to 1914.

James L. King III’s arrangement starts off sentimental with a straight-eighth rhythm then moves into a western swing for the chorus, which is repeated.

This is a wonderful piece for western themed recitals, as well as for those who wish to play music from female composers and for history buffs.

Key: G major

Mood: sentimental, then proud

Pedagogy: swing, fingerings

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